Google has shown that it can now respond to inquiries on YouTube videos with its Bard AI chatbot. With the release of the YouTube Extension back in September, Bard already had the capability to analyze YouTube films; but, now it can provide you with precise responses to questions regarding a video’s content.

On Bard’s updates page, the business stated, “We’re taking the first steps in Bard’s ability to understand YouTube videos.” For example, you can now inquire how many eggs the recipe in the first video requires if you’re looking for videos on how to create olive oil cake. We’ve heard that you’d like to interact with YouTube videos more deeply. Therefore, in order to enable more in-depth discussions with Bard over certain video content, we are developing the YouTube Extension to comprehend it.

The YouTube Extension for Bard could only be used to locate particular videos prior to this most recent release. You may ask the chatbot to locate amusing videos for you, for example. You can now ask specific inquiries about a video’s topic to the chatbot. If you see a location in a trip video that you truly enjoy, you may ask Bard where it is.

The news comes two weeks after YouTube began testing out new generative AI capabilities, such as a conversational AI tool that responds to inquiries about the platform’s content and a function that compiles topics from video comments.

Large language models that utilize data from YouTube and the internet produce the conversational tool’s responses. The dialogue between the user and the AI takes place as the video is playing, and users can ask questions concerning the video they are presently watching. Utilizing generative AI, the comments summarizer tool arranges discussion themes in comment sections to provide users with a summary of what others have been saying.

The change coincides with Google giving teenagers in the majority of the world’s countries access to Bard. Teens can use the tool to “find inspiration, discover new hobbies, and solve everyday problems,” according to a blog post by the search giant. Teens can ask Bard questions on serious subjects like which colleges to go to, or lighter ones like how to take up a new activity.

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