The iPhone 15 Pro is expected to support spatial video capturing with iOS beta version 17.2.

Use the iPhone 15 Pro to Capture Spatial Video

The major announcement here is the launch of a new feature on your iPhone 15 Pro that allows you to record spatial films. The idea behind this is that you can use it to capture content especially to watch on the Vision Pro mixed-reality headset later on.

Installing iOS 17.2 beta 2 on your iPhone, if you have access to this beta update, will allow you to begin recording videos with a 3D effect that are ideal for this AR/VR headset. Using the top two cameras of the iPhone 15 Pro, this technique is actually pretty interesting. To sync the lenses and record with both eyes, hold the phone sideways.

Although specifics are still a little vague at launch, 9to5Mac claims that this new spatial video capture feature will record at 30 frames per second in 1080p HD. Additionally, it mentions that a minute of spatial video content may require up to 130MB of storage.

iOS Update 17.2

considering previously indicated, this upgrade may indicate that Apple’s Vision Pro will launch sooner rather than later, considering the device is only tentatively scheduled for delivery in 2024. Furthermore, other from these spatial video capabilities, this latest beta update doesn’t seem to have very much else in it, which is strange for Apple.

You will be able to begin building a library of spatial videos in advance of seeing them in real 3D on the Vision Pro if you choose to download the beta. But as of right moment, all it’s actually capable of is capturing enormous 1080p 2D videos that are probably not worth employing for anything.

Additionally, there is no official word on when this beta will go live, but we can anticipate that the full version of iOS 17.2 will be available to all iPhone users here within the next month or two.

The Future of 3D VR

Ultimately, this should essentially prolong a few of the ongoing discussions about the AR/VR and spatial video capabilities of the Apple Vision Pro. Who is going to utilize these things, really? Will 3D films be preserved by the Apple Vision Pro? In what way will the 3D keyboard function in practice?

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