WhatsApp is developing AI-generated profile photographs for its users so they won’t have to bother about updating their images in the future.

WhatsApp is working on giving its users the option to “create unique and personalized images that reflect their personality, interests, or mood more accurately than a standard photo.”

WhatsApp users will stimulate the AI, asking them to describe the type of image they would like. Subsequently, AI will use the data supplied to create a personalised profile photo.

Although the WhatsApp AI’s name is still unknown, the app previously included Meta AI into its platform in April 2024.

Regarding the feature’s effect on user privacy, WhatsApp Beta stated: “We believe that this feature will improve user profile privacy. Users will be able to lower the danger of abuse or unauthorised sharing of their photographs by utilising AI-generated images instead of actual photos, even if the feature that prevents screenshots of profile photos already gives an extra layer of protection in this case.

Furthermore, we think that people who are unclear on which photo to utilise might benefit from this feature. Users may create the ideal photo by giving a cue, they said, saving time spent looking for or capturing it.

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