The part of WhatsApp where users will receive a list of all permissions required to exchange files with individuals nearby is presently under development.

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp may soon enable file sharing without an internet connection for documents, photos, videos, and more. According to reports, this functionality will use Bluetooth to share files. To transfer files locally, users only need to enable Bluetooth from the settings. The files will likewise be encrypted from beginning to end, exactly like any other texts on the site.

The WABetaInfo report’s leaked screenshots demonstrate the permissions that the Android app will require in order to function with this functionality. Notably, the device you are sharing the files with must also have this offline file-sharing capability in order to exchange files offline. It is anticipated to launch with a later app update.

With this feature, users will only be able to be found if they allow permission for their device to connect to the app and have the same screen open in the app. Since this is an opt-in procedure, nobody can send you files at random without your consent. The article further underlines that the sender and recipient’s phone numbers would remain secret during the whole procedure. As a result, you gain additional privacy.

“Location permission is required to identify, connect to, and determine the relative position of nearby devices,” the paper said. Customers will always be able to remove these rights from their phone settings.

There is currently no known release date or schedule for this feature because it is still in the development stage.

There are also rumors that WhatsApp may launch a Contact Notes function shortly in addition to this one. Users will be able to store notes to contacts as a result. By storing contextual data about their clients on the platform for later use, WhatsApp Business users may benefit from this capability. All you have to do, according to the WABetaInfo source, is press on the contact’s name in the chat window and then tap on the Notes option found in the Contact Info area.

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