According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp, the most popular messaging app owned by Meta, will soon make available a shortcut to access the “AI-powered chats” in its latest version via the TestFlight beta Programme.

This update will upgrade the messaging app for iPhones to version Originally, the update was only supposed to be released for Android versions of the app, but it will now also be available for iOS devices.

“WhatsApp is rolling out a feature that adds a shortcut to open AI-powered chats from the Chats tab, and it’s available to some users,” states the most recent story on the WhatsApp news tracker.

The company’s commitment to showcasing and seamlessly incorporating AI-assisted interactions into regular messaging app use is further demonstrated by the future functionality of the app.

According to the screenshot, a new button that enables users to launch the AI-powered chat immediately has appeared at the bottom right of WhatsApp’s navigation bar.

The AI-powered chats are still only accessible to a select number of users, according to WABetaInfo, and it’s unclear when they will be made generally available.

Nonetheless, the future functionality might be available to some users who download the most recent version of WhatsApp for iOS from the App Store.

This shortcut key’s primary goal is to cut down on the time and effort needed to initiate these specialized talks.

Additionally, by “making the shortcut obvious in the Chats tab, users are made aware of this feature and are encouraged to incorporate AI-assisted interactions into their regular use of the messaging app,”

The upgrade will soon be made available to more users after the beta testers.

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