In June, Apple is scheduled to unveil its most recent operating system, which might include AI-powered features.

But according to Daily Mail, not every iPhone model will be able to utilise new iOS.

Users with iPhones manufactured before 2018, including those in the SE series and the 8 Plus model or earlier, are reportedly not going to be able to update to iOS 19.

Older iPhones cannot run iOS 18 due to antiquated hardware, including a slower processor and less RAM that cannot handle strong features.

It is anticipated that iOS 18, Apple’s “largest” update to date, would introduce enormous language models and other AI technology.

The iOS 18 update was released in 2018 together with the company’s unveiling of the iPhone XR and iPhone XS models. In order to run the upgrade, smart devices must have an A12 Bionic processor.

The iPhone X, 8, and 8 Plus (with the A11 Bionic chip) and the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus (with the A10 Fusion chip) will not be able to handle the upgrade as well as the subsequent models because of their slower CPUs.

Apple is staying with the seven and eight series this year, despite the fact that it often discontinues iPhone models that are unable to keep up with the most recent iOS update.

If your iPhone is not from the second or third generation of the SE, XR, XS, or XS Max, or from the series 11 through 15, you will not be able to get iOS 18 or any future software upgrades.

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