Samsung wants to make sure you know it cares about AI, too. In a new blog post, the company previewed what it calls “a new era of Galaxy AI” coming to its smartphones and detailed a forthcoming feature that will use artificial intelligence to translate phone calls in real time.

Samsung stated in the post that Galaxy AI provides a complete mobile AI experience, supported by cloud-based AI made possible by our open partnerships with like-minded industry leaders as well as on-device AI created by Samsung. “With the security and privacy you expect from Galaxy, it will revolutionise your daily mobile experience.”

Samsung’s native phone app will have the live translation capability, which it is referring to as “AI Live Translate Call.” According to Samsung, the translations will take place on the device and that “text and audio translations will appear in real-time as you speak.”

It appears likely that Galaxy AI features will be included in Samsung’s Galaxy S24 family of smartphones, as the company has stated that Galaxy AI is due “early next year.” The phones are expected to be released in 2024. It’s also believed that the business showcased its generative AI model, named Gauss, at an event this week. Based on that, I’m assuming that Gauss will play a significant role in the Galaxy S24 series as well as power features on mobile devices starting next year.

It appears that AI-powered features will be the next area of contention for smartphone manufacturers. With its Pixel 8 series, for instance, Google offers a set of AI-powered tools to assist you in editing and improving images. According to reports, Apple invests a significant amount of money daily in AI training, thus I have no doubt that certain AI-powered iPhone features will result from this expenditure.

Additionally, AI-focused hardware items like Humana’s cellular-enabled AI Pin—of which you can get a glimpse in our exclusive leak released ahead of Thursday’s launch—will soon pose a threat to smartphone manufacturers.

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