Medical professionals refer to morning foul breath as halitosis, which is an unpleasant condition.

Having morning breath is a horrible way to start the day, and it becomes worse if it occurs frequently.

There are several causes of halitosis, the medical name for foul breath. Thankfully, there are a few strategies to combat this uncomfortable condition.

The Sun was advised by Dr. Ferakh Hamid of Aesthetique Dental Care that “halitosis, or bad breath, isn’t just about what we eat.” Bad breath is frequently the result of poor dental care, as food particles accumulate and germs form plaque.

“It can also signal more serious dental issues like cavities or gum disease,” he stated.

One more reason you wake up with foul breath is because your lips dried up throughout the night.

Reduced saliva flow can cause dry mouth, according to Dr. Safia Debar, GP Executive Health at Mayo Clinic Healthcare in London, who spoke to The Sun. Saliva aids in maintaining a balanced pH and neutralising germs and acids. Bacteria can grow and generate foul-smelling substances if we have less saliva or if it isn’t functioning properly.”

Furthermore, a poor diet is a major contributor to foul breath.

“An other meal that is known to induce foul breath is garlic, which is odorous to the lips and skin. The naturally present bacteria on your tongue that generate offensive odours are fed by dairy products, which is a lesser-known source of bad breath, according to the speaker.

“Poor dental hygiene means build-up of plaque, persistence of food particles between the teeth, and tongue coating which essentially changes the bacterial environment of the mouth,” she stated.

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